TLH Helping Improve English Language Skills

Patricia Nambiar 28 February 2020

The Language House (TLH)  has launched its first corporate social responsibility programme,  working with Yayasan Kebajikan Anak-anak Yatim Malaysia (YATIM) to improve English language skills among students.

Thirty-three Form Five students, including many orphans, from schools in Hulu Selangor congregated at Kem Warisan Sembilang in Kuala Selangor at the weekend (21-23 February) where they were coached by two language instructors from TLH.

Two more such programmes with YATIM are planned for this year. Apart from lending a hand to students struggling with their command of English, the partnership with YATIM will also help us at TLH better understand issues facing educators and students learning the language.

While many lament the falling standard of English in Malaysia, TLH is proactively throwing some of its resources at the problem.

As one of our staff put it: “Working with young students especially orphans has its special rewards. Orphans are some of society’s most vulnerable and children are after all our nation’s future.”

In the coming months, TLH will work with local schools in the PJ area to enrich their communication skills in English through various learning and co-curricular activities.

A number of these pupils are from the B40 (lower income) group.

In 2013, the government started reforming English language education by adopting the benchmark Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR).

It is hoped that by 2025, primary school pupils would be at Basic user (A2) level.   secondary school students at Independent user (B1/B2) level, and  tertiary students at Independent/Proficient user level (B2/C1).  English language teachers, however, should be Proficient users at the C2 level.  

We hope our participation will go some way towards improving the quality of English language education with the ultimate aim of ensuring that young Malaysians thrive in a world where English is the global language of communication.