Our Team

Patricia Nambiar – Principal

  • 40 years in education, training and management
  • MA TESOL (Sunderland); MBA (Cranfield); BSc Hons (Manchester)
  • RSA Cert TESOL; Certified Hospitality Educator; Certificate in Teaching Business English

Patricia Nambiar joined The Language House in March 2018 as its Principal. She is absolutely committed to ensuring quality in education especially in language learning.

Patricia is personable and has successfully worked with and counselled people of different ages, skills, professions and cultures in Malaysia and Hong Kong. She has also managed a distance learning centre for a British charity, run the credit card finance operations of an Australian-based bank and worked at Hong Kong’s largest vocational and professional education institution providing English language training for adults from various industries.

Patricia is able to contextualize language learning in the workplace. She is competent at drawing on learners’ experience and interest and engaging them to make learning relevant. She has also considerable experience with developing learning resources and assessing progress in language learning.

Patricia believes in lifelong learning and is a big fan of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC). Since graduating in psychology from the University of Manchester some forty years ago, she has successfully completed graduate courses in business administration as well as teaching of English as a second language. She has a Cert TESOL and completed the rigorous Certified Hospitality Educator course.

Felicia’s Chong - Teacher

  • 10 years Teaching Experience
  • B.A Asian Studies, Victoria University, Wellington, NZ
  • Specialises EFL / IELTS Prep/ Business English / General English Programme / Private classes

Felicia has been teaching at The Language House since 2008. From her experience in teaching a variety of courses in English, she understands that every student has their own learning style and abilities. With this in mind, she strives to meet her students’ learning needs and objectives. She has also been known to employ some humour in her classes and her students can vouch that she’s actually funny!

She is happiest when her students are able to develop critical thinking and communication skills in English from the activities which supplement her lessons. Aside from teaching, her interests also include but not limited to food, books, music, and foreign languages.

Dahliana Abdul Latiff

  • 12 years teaching experience
  • B.H.SC. in English Language and Literature (Hons.), IIUM
  • Specialises in General English Programme, Workplace English, Business English and Private English Lessons

Dahliana graduated from International Islamic University of Malaysia with a Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature. Having had more than twelve years of experience in teaching, she is skilled at handling learners with various abilities. She believes in the notion that each learner is unique so they learn and thrive at their own pace. So it is her duty to listen, guide and motivate themselves to success. She looks forward to continuing to have a positive impact on her students’ growth and to new discoveries. She is also a fitness enthusiast with a love for cooking and reading.

Zalina Ibrahim

  • 16 Years Experience
  • B. Ed TESL, Universiti Malaya
  • Specialises in GEP and Private courses

Zalina has more than 16 years of experience teaching college students, adults and employees of multi-nationals in multi-racial settings specialising in the areas of English Grammar, English Communication and Business English.

She has facilitated hundreds of participants and conducted more than a dozen of training programs to employees in corporate sectors, government ministries and semi-government departments; enabling them to enhance their personal and professional English spoken and written skills including Aero Precision Training Sdn. Bhd., Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN), Felcra Berhad, Colgate & Palmolive Berhad, Cyberview Sd. Bhd., National Audit Department, NAZA Groups, Times Engineering Berhad, Human Resources Department, Jabatan Penerangan Malaysia (JAPEN), Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM), Ministry of Education, Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Communication and Multimedia, Majlis Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan, Public Service Department, and University Malaya.

Zalina’s strength comes through her ability to use her teaching experience to understand the knowledge and skills of her participants. She designs and delivers her programmes in a way that motivate participants to use new-learnt skills and change their attitude towards the English language.

Adrian Lim

  • 15 years Teaching Experience
  • B. Ed TESL (UM)
  • M.A English Literature (UM)
  • Specialises in General English Programme, Private courses, IELTS Prep Training and Holiday Programme

Adrian Lim Chee Kiang is fuelled by possibilities, creativity, and the right amount of intensity in delivering meaningful lessons to international as well as local learners.

Having more than a decade of experience in education, Adrian has designed various English language courses to meet different learners’ needs. He has also taught group and private classes in the General English Programme, Business English, and IELTS preparatory course. Additionally, he has led holiday programmes for young learners and conducted corporate training.

His ability to adapt to learners’ level and understand their needs allows him to create a classroom environment that is inviting, motivating, and engaging. His interests in popular culture and English Literature enable him to incorporate these elements effectively to expedite learning.

Seriyanti Lidya Lo - Head of Admissions & Language Teacher

“Dealing with students from non-English speaking countries and watching them improve their English is part of my achievement.”

Lidya has been in the education industry for more than 18 years and with The Language House for more than a decade. Friendly and approachable, Lidya offers emotional and administrative support for both our international students and TLH team members on a daily basis. Her continued dedicated work with foreign students from different parts of the world has led her to pursue a course in TESOL and further language training.