Who are the language instructors?

All our language instructors are qualified to teach English as a Second Language or to teach English to adults. They also have many years of teaching experience.

What is the age group of the students?

Generally, young adults (16-30 years) attend our full-time classes.

Is there a lot of speaking in class?

We try to dedicate 70% of class time to speaking.  We believe that if you speak well, reading and writing becomes far easier.  Students are required to interact with each other in English.

Is The Language House licensed or recognised

We are licensed by the Ministry of Education and sanctioned by the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Immigration Department Malaysia.

Can you guarantee that I will learn?

If you come with a clear goal to improve your language proficiency, participate actively in class, and attend classes regularly there is no reason why you should not improve.

Is there an attendance requirement?

Yes, you are required to attend at least 80% of the scheduled classes for your course.

Are there any learning activities outside the classroom?

For the General English course, yes. Students will visit a place of interest in the KL-PJ area to practice their English skills.  This is also an opportunity to learn about the different cultures or places of interest in Malaysia.

I am not a Malaysian. Do I need a student visa?

If you are a foreign national, you will normally need a student visa to attend the full time GEP course.  We will help submit your visa application but final approval rests with the Malaysian Immigration Authority.  We will let you know if your application has been accepted or rejected.

For more information on visas, visit the Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) at  https://educationmalaysia.gov.my.