Internship Programme

We want to help Foreign Students and STPM School Leavers to enhance their careers by improving their English and giving them real working experience. Our internship is flexible and incredibly rewarding.

Many Language House students have asked to add “work” to their total educational experience while studying in Malaysia. Work experience enriches and supplements the educational training for our students. We have now added a “work in Malaysia” component to exceptional, advanced students who recognize the extraordinary advantage of having gained work experience in Malaysia.

Working in a Malaysian company is a great chance to practice English learnt in the classroom, as well as to gain a deeper knowledge of Malaysian culture and its work culture. Also, this is a wonderful addition to your professional development since work experience in a foreign country would give you an extraordinary advantage.

Who is eligible?

This special programme is only open to Language House students. Those students who have completed Level 9 in our IEP are entitled to participate. You must apply at least four months prior to completing Level 9 and be willing to attend job interviews when called.

What is involved?

You will work in a Malaysian company between one and three months as a volunteer. This will be a no-pay position, but you will be rewarded in terms of your career, work experience and further language progress. You will be required to keep a daily journal of your work activities and experiences, and you will submit weekly reports describing this work. At the end of your work, you will submit a formal report to the company with recommendations regarding your work.


Working for a Malaysian company is a truly unique experience. Not only will you practise your English in a working environment, you will also learn about Malaysian office culture and develop new relationships with Malaysian working adults. This is a serious programme to augment your learning experience by providing a concrete way for you to interact with Malaysians. We invite you to participate in this programme. We are confident that this work will be extremely rewarding and memorable.