Who are the teachers?

Our teachers are extremely qualified.  Most of them are native speakers of the language that they teach and have years of teaching experience.  In addition to this, we survey our classes to make sure our teaching standards are of the highest quality.

What is the age group of the students?

We have students of many ages but we understand that to conduct an effective learning experience, the class needs to be compatible.  Generally, our day classes tend to have young adults (16-25) while the night classes attract a slightly older group.

Is there a lot of speaking in class?

We try to dedicate 75% of class time to speaking.  And while this is a lofty goal, we try to follow it because we are very dedicated to the “speaking” aspect of the language. Generally, if you speak well, reading and writing become far easier.

Is The Language House licensed or recognized?

We are licensed by the Ministry of Education and our license number is BZIJ183.  We are also approved by the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Immigration Department to conduct classes for foreign students.

Can you guarantee that I will learn?

Yes. If you come regularly and participate actively then we can definitely guarantee that you will learn at our school.

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