Lower and Upper Secondary School Modular English Courses

The Lower and Upper Secondary Modular Courses are aimed at helping secondary school students improve their English. The Lower Secondary Modular Courses are especially designed for students in Secondary one to three whereas the Upper Secondary Modular Courses are meant for those in Secondary four and above. These courses are skill-based and therefore are divided into reading, writing, speaking, and grammar. Within 10 hours (2.5 hours per lesson) your English will be enriched as your mastery of the language is accelerated.

Why join our secondary school courses?

  • Because we incorporate fun activities into our lessons
  • Because we will help you improve your chosen language skill(s)
  • Because we focus on fixing language problems
  • Because we will help improve your fluency and confidence through various activities
  • Because we offer small personalised classes
  • Because we offer experienced, enthusiastic and qualified instructors
Skills Main objectives Part 1 Part 2
Reading To become active readers in order to enjoy the process of reading P P
Writing To be able to use words as your sword in written communication P P
Speaking To be able to speak English confidently  P  
Grammar To improve your understanding of the language structure so that  you can become effective communicators P P

Lower & Secondary Modular Courses - Intake Dates
- Year 2019

Module Part 1 Part 1 & 2 Part 1 & 2
Reading 6 April-27 April 6 May-27 May
11 May-01 June
10 June-1 July
15 June -6 July
Writing 7 May-28 May
11 May-01 June
11 June-2 July
15 June-6 July
Speaking 8 May -29 May
11May-01 June
12 June-3 July
15 June-6 July
Grammar 9 May-30 May
11 May-01 June
13 June-4 July
15 June-6 July

Weekdays :
3:00pm – 5:30pm

Saturday :
9:30am – 12:00pm