General English for Adults

The 10-hour General English for Adults is aimed at helping you improve your communication skills in English. With only 2.5 hours per lesson, this modular course can help you become a better English user. You will learn the basics in the beginner level and you will surely be able to engage in conversations on general and familiar topics by the time you have completed the intermediate level.

Why join the General English for adults?

  • Because we offer an opportunity for genuine English language interaction
  • Because our lessons are fun and interactive
  • Because we focus on the important topics in English communication for general purpose 
  • Because we will help improve your fluency and confidence through various activities
  • Because we offer small personalised classes
  • Because we offer experienced, enthusiastic and qualified instructors

Intake dates for General English (Adults) courses  
- Year 2019

Beginner Level Beginner & Intermediate Level 
12 &15
18 & 23
22 & 27

Weekdays :
9:30am – 12:00pm

Saturday :
9:30am – 12:00pm