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The Language House

Over the years, The Language House (TLH) has helped thousands of students develop language skills since its founding in 1990. TLH has distinguished itself as the first school in Malaysia to introduce intensive study courses. By now we offer language training in ten languages, ranging from Japanese, Mandarin to German and Spanish. With highly trained and passionate teachers and over 45 different language courses on offer, TLH is synonymous with excellent language education.

At our state-of the art facilities, TLH offers specially designed courses certified by the Malaysian Ministry of Education and approved by the Malaysian Ministry of Home Affairs for recruitment of foreign students. TLH also provides assistance on accommodation, offers internships and a “work in Malaysia” component to exceptional, advanced students who wish to take advantage of Malaysia’s vibrant work culture.

With the acquisition of TLH, our Holding Company, Advance Synergy Berhad (ASB), aims to provide the business experience, expertise and resources needed to grow and propel TLH to the next level.

The ASB Group

The ASB Group comprises operating subsidiaries and associates that service business and consumer markets in a variety of industries. These operating companies are grouped under the various Key Business Divisions of the ASB Group, including:

For more information on each of these business areas above, please click through to the Key Business Divisions section of our website.

Your One Stop Education and Travel Centre

The Travel and Tour Business Division of ASB Group is represented by Orient Escape Travel. The Language House (TLH) and Orient Escape Travel (OET) are operated under the same management team. This means we are your one stop centre when you choose to come to Malaysia. All your travelling needs can be taken care of. Whether it is Currency Exchange Remittance, visa application, buy travel tickets and other tour arrangements, OET and TLH will work hand in hand to ensure a smooth and pleasant journey for you.


To be an internationally acclaimed language institution, a leader and innovator in education delivering result-orientated language training.


Our Mission

To deliver effective language courses that satisfy students’ educational andprofessional needs.

Our People

TLH takes pride in having a team of dedicated and passionate individuals. Our management and teachers possess deep knowledge and vast experience in the education industry. From providing student services, teaching to management, the team at TLH constantly strives to provide top quality language instruction.

Our Team

Management Team

Ms Agnes Cheah (Managing Director)

Mr Sam Teoh (Sales & Marketing Director)

Mr Chak T.K. (Accountant)

Key Academic Team

Mr Adrian Lim (Academic Coordinator, IEP)

Operations Team

Ms Lydia Lo (Assistant Manager, Visa & Student Affairs)

Sales & Marketing Team

Mr Sam Teoh (Sales & Marketing Director)

Ms Karen Teh (Senior Manager)

Ms Fera Ibrahim (Marketing Executive)

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