The Language House is a registered English Preparation and Examination Centre for the University of Cambridge. We offer exam preparation for all Cambridge English exams, from Young Learners up to the Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE).

The Cambridge English for Young Learners English (YLE) courses motivate young children to learn reading, writing, listening and speaking through a fun and interactive programme.

YLE Levels

  • STARTERS: for children from the age of 7, after about 80 hours of English language learning.
  • MOVERS: a typical candidate is 8 and has completed 160 hours of English language learning.
  • FLYERS: a typical candidate is 9 and has completed 240 hours of English language learning.

What are the YLE tests like?

  • designed to be accessible and interesting
  • focus on simple, relevant and meaningful language use
  • encourage effective teaching and learning
  • with no fail grades, they provide every student with a reward for his or her efforts
  • test all four language skills - listening, speaking, writing and reading
  • create a positive attitude to testing
  • represent a first step on the Cambridge English Language Assessment ladder of achievement in English language learning
  • are equivalent to the level of Cambridge English Language Assessment KET

To find out more about Cambridge English exams, please call our consultants.