Business English

Our Business English programme gives you the English you need for your professional life. Taught by highly qualified instructors who focus on the practical usage of English, our courses are specifically designed with today’s business and workplace needs in mind. We offer a task-based, integrated skills approach to the development of language competence and effective business communication skills.
Our courses include Business English Essentials, Business Speaking Essentials, English for Presentations, Pronunciation, Business Writing Essentials, English for Customer Care, English for Meetings, English for Emails, and Grammar.

Why learn Business English?

English has become the lingua franca of the business world. A lack of English competence leaves an unfavourable impression on clients and business partners. Your English represents your company and your brand. Whether or not a contract is signed may depend on your command of English.
What’s more, the ability to communicate effectively in English offers you increased chances for promotion or success in business. People who are able to communicate in impeccable English appear more confident and are perceived as having greater capability and potential with greater potential.

Individualized Programme

We conduct 1 and 2-day workshops, and also 24-hour and 30-hour Business English courses. The classes are designed with busy working adults in mind. Our Business English programme allows for flexible time arrangements and offers content that is immediately useful for your working needs. In addition to these courses, we can offer courses to meet your specific needs. We are happy to discuss customised training solution with you.