(Aged 18 Years to 35 Years Old)

Documents Required by Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) :

  • Visa Application Fee for student visa (RM 2,200.00).
  • Partial Payment for Course Fees (RM 4,000.00).
  • Scanned passport (whole book).
  • One passport size photos (with white background, neutral expression and no showing teeth).
    Please wear dark coloured attire (this includes headscarves) so as to be in clear contrast to the white background.
    Do not wear something with open shoulders (such as a tank top).
  • Educational Certificate (untranslated and translated with certified true copy).
  • Academic Transcript (untranslated and translated with certified true copy).
  • Correspondence address and contact number.
  • Specify which Malaysian Embassy or High Commission you prefer to visit in your home country.
  • Pre-arrival Medical Examination Report from an approved clinic in your home country.
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Student Visa Application Guide :

  1. To get started, submit a full set of official documents required by EMGS to The Language House.
  2. If your application is approved, The Language House will receive a student visa approval letter from the EMGS. We will forward you this student visa approval letter.
  3. After receiving this letter, you must visit the Malaysian Embassy or High Commission in your home country. Documents that need to bring along to the Malaysian Embassy include the Student Visa Approval Letter & your original passport to do “Stamping”. 

Once the Malaysia Embassy has “stamped” your passport with entry visa, it means that you can now enter Malaysia.

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TLH Registration Fee is RM 6,200.00 per student. Kindly bank in to our Maybank Account at:
Company Name : Metroprime Corporation Sdn. Bhd.
Account Number: 5122 3151 2867