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Next intake : 14th April 2014
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Romeo & Juliet ~ A Play By Students (Class 105 of Session 13/13)

The students from Class 105 of Session 13/13 did a play for their Speaking Class. It’s the tragic love story of Romeo & Juliet with a modern twist, The Language House style! Everyone practised for long hours to get their parts right and all their hard works pay up. The satisfaction look on the students face is proof that they enjoyed the process.




Stay tuned for the upcoming trailer of the play!

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School Assembly Session 12/13

Academic Director Comments

Every month, John Davis, greets new and old students alike to remind them of The Language House rules, procedures and policies.  He also tries to inspire them to work hard and learn English quickly.

Students are attentive, and Mr. Davis tried to explain that there are more than one teacher in the class at any time.  Actually he stressed that all students in the class are teachers, and it is the job of each student to listen and analyze what is being said not only by the teacher but other students as well.  He said, “think while your fellow students are speaking…are they speaking correctly, is the content right, is this the same answer you have?”  In this way, students learn quickly.

He also reminded students that their dress and behaviour is important.  He talked at length about the fact that many of the English students are not Malaysian, and therefore, they are guests in Malaysia.  So, students have to respect the culture and the customs of Malaysia.  They need to look nice and not wear shirts or blouses that are not appropriate.  They should not wear rubber slippers as this is considered disrespectful.  The students seem to agree that they need to respect Malaysia and its customs.

These monthly sessions are good, and a time when students can voice out their concerns and issues.  Mr. Davis also explained that students may want to have more vacations, but vacations during language studies is not a good idea.  Just one week not in school, students often forget what they have learned and “have to repeat” the whole month.  Better to study really hard, for several month or half a year, and when you have mastered English, take a long, restful vacation.

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School Assembly 2013-October-03

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School Assembly

On Friday the 13th (a day to be careful), The Language House put together a short Assembly.  An Assembly is useful as it is a way for the school to communicate with all the students and for the students to ask questions and give some feedback.   This Assembly was a lot of fun.

The Assembly was opened by one of our newer teachers, Ms. Lavanya.  She did a great job with lots of energy.  She started with introducing all the teachers.  Wow! A big ovation (applause) was given for each teacher as they were introduced.  All the teachers had to feel great hearing this.  Then, she explained in detail some of the rules of The Language House.  This is important so student not only learn the rules but also the reason for the rules.  She explained in detail why it is SO important for students to attend their classes regularly.

She also introduced Mr. Davis, our Academic Director.  Mr. Davis received a great receptions from the students as well.  He stressed the need for students to be “active” participant in their lessons.  He also pointed out how important it is for students to “be polite” as most of them, like him, are “guests in Malaysia.”  As guests here, we need to be polite and respectful of Malaysians and their wonderful country.

Students at these Assemblies have a good time, meeting their fellow classmates and feeling the energy of all of us being in one place.

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Our trip to Malacca………

The old Dutch colony of Malaysia was located in Malacca.  One of the oldest building still standing there is The Stadhuys.  It is said that The Stadhuys is the oldest remaining Dutch colonial building left in Southeast Asia. You can understand why The Language House students were so interested in seeing and touring The Stadhuys.

So, off on two big buses, almost a hundred students and teachers from The Language House went.  But before hitting the historical sites…one has to stop off at the Malacca Zoo. There we saw monkeys, snakes, birds, alligators and many other animals.  The highlight of this was seeing the Orangutan…wow, what majestic and human-like animals.  After a quick two hours at the zoo, we took off for Historical Malacca.

Historical Malacca was exciting…as there are so many old buildings.  But the pink (some called it red) building of The Stadhuys was great.  So old and historic.  We all enjoyed the tour and walk around.   After that, makan (which means eat in Bahasa Malaysia).  We drifted apart and ate what we wanted.  Many went to McDonalds, but some of us were more adventurous and ate some local food like those Assam Pedas, chili peppers…..Great.

After lunch, we returned to KL and The Language House.  But, the best part of the trip…the very best part was the bus ride up and back.  So much singing and laughing….many of us lost our voice.  Hope we go somewhere again soon….


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Apply for one of our English programmes.

Why speak English?
When we list the advantages of speaking English, there really is no place to start.  Over a billion people worldwide speak English, with 700 million using it as a foreign language.  English is the main language used throughout the world on the Internet, and plays a major role in communications within all these fields: science and technology, business, and diplomacy.  It is one of the official languages of international organizations, such as the United Nations; and it is so popular that it has become the chosen language of the five biggest broadcasting networks in the world.

Current Courses Available:

Intensive English
It is designed for students interested in improving their English fast, especially for those planning to study, work or live in English-speaking environments.

Combine your tour of Malaysia with Intensive English Seminars.  Enjoy a two free trips every month to Malaysia’s treasures but participate in a fast-paced learning experience.

Business Communication
Classroom activities focus on communicating effectively in the business world.  Formal English is practised in the context of attending to clients, ordering supplies, conducting meetings, conveying messages, as well as reporting and presenting information.

Spoken English
The course is designed for students wanting to improve their ability to communicate both in formal and informal situations.  Spoken English is carefully taught to guide students from the beginner to the intermediate level.

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Moving and our improved Language House

First, thank you for your support to us.  It is extremely appreciated, as without you, our language center would not be recognized as No. 1 in Malaysia.

The Language House will be moving as our old building at The Atria is being demolished as the owner wants to build a new complex.  Although we have fought to remain, it is now time to go.  Luckily, we have found a great building right next to the newest shopping center in Petaling Jaya called TropicanaCity.  This new mall is much larger than The Atria and has lots of restaurants, food stalls, cinemas and shopping.  It will be a safe environment for our students, and we will be able to offer even better and more affordable accommodations immediately behind our new location.

Also, we are using this opportunity to redesign and revamp our educational program. Our academic program will include even more speaking, listening and writing content and classes, and our aim will be to develop students’ ability to actually use proper and fluent English for work or their further education.  There will be much more emphasis on debates, drama, presentations, discussions and writing.

Our new premise will have electronic white boards, overhead projectors, glass writing boards and more comfortable chairs.  We have also reorganized the classrooms to be dedicated to either speaking, listening, reading or writing; hence, each classroom will have different equipment, teaching aids, furnishings and focus.  This is a first in Malaysia…a language center providing all necessary resources and the unique environment for each of our 4 language skills. We are quite proud of our new language center and we know our students will be happy with these changes.  In short, our language center is not only the most modern in Malaysia, our academic program will be more like a university.

We will be having a school holiday for now and our new start date will be November 8th.

John Davis
Founder / Academic Director

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